Why TLR Contracting?

TLR Contracting (TLR) is an organisational partner whose primary focus is alignment of effort to materially assist the business deliverables of our clients.  TLR Contracting stands for Total Lifecycle Resourcing Solutions and we recognise that every enterprise has a unique work culture, methodology and business driver; differentiators which TLR Contracting will quickly identify to ensure work effort and output is completely aligned with client expectations.

TLR employees are our clients’ extended resource teams, and form a critical link between the asset results and performance.  The selection and management of our employees are TLR’s core business. We scrutinise and monitor these resources thoroughly via a comprehensive employee selection criteria underpinned by the regulatory Education Frame work or Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), and a quality recruitment process which is tailored to specific industry requirements and expertise.

This ensures TLR employees placed on our clients’ sites possess the right skills, attitude and safety culture to deliver the best industry outcomes.

As a specialist in the field of asset care resources and solutions TLR Contracting cooperatively assists asset owners, or primary maintenance providers and asset support suppliers with skills and experienced resources to ensure best for safety, engineering, project and maintenance outcomes are achieved.

Our Experience

Working with us, our clients benefit from 25 plus years of experience in asset lifecycle resourcing and supply, from concept to closure project and outsourcing deliverables with specialising in Primarily Asset Care disciplines, Engineering trades nd Technical Professional resources.

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