Our Vision

To be the leading provider of qualified and planned resourcing solutions, focussing on safety, wellbeing, performance and productive delivery.

Our Mission

To be a business supply partner whose charter is to drive business improvement – in safety, sustainable lean solutions and productivity gains. By focusing delivering whole of Asset Lifecycle career opportunities and business improvement solutions to our clients and employees.

Our Six Core Values

The key elements to TLR in delivering our Vision, Mission and Value Proposition are based on Planning, Execution, Auditing and Review. We achieve these by applying service driven safety cultures based on our six core values.



Our safety management and environmental values are the key to a successful and sustainable future for all employees and clients. We aim to manage risks which correctly identify, assess and ensure correct methods and processes are engaged to offer Zero Harm to environment and people


Our management and employees operate with the highest level of honesty and ethical behaviors. Employment and Commercial engagement is built on trust and respect for others. We adhere to legislative guidelines, business applications and human rights.


Engaging employees who take pride in their work to the highest standards and assist or lead in proven quality outcomes, whilst providing effective communication, process improvement and action within a team.


For teams and individuals to embrace performance as a challenge to extend oneself to improve on existing levels of productivity, knowledge and leadership.


Our management and employees work positively to service our clients. We demonstrate innovation and the ability to liaise and communicate effectively with client’s management and other stakeholders to value add our offering and employment opportunities. With a commitment to the business outcomes of our Clients, an inclusive and effective communication style, and an underlying ‘value add’ conviction in everything we do, TLR Contracting is the right choice!


Our management and employees offer skills and expertise to meet agreed solution delivery expectations. Our teams have the ability to work openly with key stakeholders to communicate best for business outcomes and delivery solutions. With an ability to quickly assess and understand desired business outcomes, TLR Contracting delivers.
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